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We live in the foothills, approx. 40 minutes southwest of Denver at an elevation of 8700.

We got our first Tibetan Mastiff, tibetan mastiff puppy coloradoHOSS, in 2008 from a very nice man, who lived approx. five miles from us in the mountains SW of Denver and we have been hooked ever since. After our 16 year old German Shorthair/Lab mix passed away we made several attempts to contact Hoss' breeder to get another puppy; only to learn that he had tragically passed away while his bitch was pregnant. The family contacted us through our emails and since we lived close to the breeder's house and the family lived "down the hill"; the family asked if we could watch the puppies until homes could be found for them. Prior to us taking on the puppies, several large AKC show breeders in the area that I had never met, had come and taken all the "breeding" stock which were to go back to their breeder in Illinois if they could not be cared for. (This is generally a standard clause in any puppy contract.

Needless to say, we happily cared for the puppies and it wasn't until a Midwest breeder of Tibetan Mastiffs and another large breed dog got one of the puppies that things started to "heat up" within the Tibetan Mastiff community. The area breeders never worried about the puppies until this breeder whom they referred to as a 'puppy mill" got one. Thus began my education about the AKC and it's"mean, nasty" show breeders. Not only have I seen the corruption in the AKC; I have also come to the conclusion that you are probably going to get a poor dog from one of these breeders. My worst experiences with Tibetan Mastiffs came with my ownership of "Turbo Shelby" and co-ownership of Moxie. What I have learned is the AKC is only about the registrations, show entries, and money; not the integrity of their registry or the welfare of the dogs. I have also learned that AKC show breeders care only about their "status" and the money. These are the opinions I have formed based on my direct experiences with the people I am speaking about. People that try to help the dogs are the "targets" of the show people here in the U.S. for some very strange reasons.

I co-owned Drakyi Timberline Moxie with a breeder close by and when I finally figured out that I got a bad deal and bought a beautiful puppy from another breeder who this long time breeder did not like, they breached the contract because I was talking to the breeder of my new puppy. I brought the girl back to him and within one day the dog had run away and they did not notify anyone that she was missing until three days later. When I found out about it, I hung fliers and searched for her until she followed my car back. Quite frankly, I do not believed they even cared. That is what I have learned from all my experiences with these AKC show breeders and the AKC.

tibetan mastiff informationMeet Hoss' sister, Nano, (photo to right). Not really knowing the breeder who breeds Tibetan Mastiffs and another large breed in the midwest, I defended them. This girl and Hoss were both bred by a very nice man, Walter Williams of WWTMs. The breeder who took her and Moxie (next photo at right) also renamed other dogs with their kennel name that were bred by others. I personally find this very deceiving. This same breeder tried to accuse me of changing the name a dog I got from her; which was totally false! Now I know why these breeders get dogs from people who won't sell to them and change their names. Apparently, they can rename the dog, register it with the UKC, and bring it back into the AKC. Here is an article explaining. They figure out all the deceptive ways of doing things. Why would anybody want to deal with people like this? I have no clue. Here is a video of Nano in our home during happier times. Rest in Peace Nano.

I was taking in dogs from the breeder who passed away and made a bad decision to give Nano to this person. I had kept Nano for ten months until the person cane to get her. At that point, I asked if they really wanted her because I had grown attached to Nano and they stated they still wanted her. Within a couple of months of having Nano. she was bred by the breeder. To make a long story short, Nano was bred again and shortly after having the second litter shy of four years old, she died. It was then I decided I would never trust a high volume AKC or show breeder again, especially this one. This breeder used me to get other breeders lines behind their back and the puppy I got from them was not something I would breed or want in my line. I can provide you with health testing results.

BREEDERS LIKE THIS CONTINUE TO "GIVE" PEOPLE THEIR "REJECTS" OR "USED DOGS" IN EXCHANGE FOR CO-OWNING LITTERS. BASED ON MY EXPERIENCES THEY DO THIS PURELY FOR MONEY AND DISREGARD FOR THE HEALTH OR INTEGRITY OF THE LINES. IT ALSO IS A WAY FOR THEM TO GET OTHER BREEDERS LINES "THROUGH THE BACK DOOR". I COULD NEVER WITH A GOOD CONSCIENCE RECOMMEND THIS BREEDER OR HER AFFILIATES. DO YOUR RESEARCH! I cannot understand how people can support a breeders like this. They breed several breeds, many litters a year in addition to co-owned litters and make a living off dogs. They criticize anybody who gets in the way of their dog "businesses". They also put on very good "acts", even invoking the name of God into their conversations, as if they really believe it. It is amazing the lengths to which they will go. Everything is about them and they use photos belonging to others that they were not given permission to use. I paid for OFA results on my formerly co-owned dog and I returned the dog because of my breached contract and the results were posted even though they are not in possession of the original paperwork. Some people think they can just use and take from others and have no honor or integrity. Those who support and know of what these breeders do, need to look in the mirror. Their silence makes them no better.

PICTURED BELOW IS MOXIE. Here is a video of Moxie while in my possession during happier times. I believe money and recognition is very bad for the dogs.

DRAKYI TIMBERLINE MOXIEI co-owned Moxie with Timberline Tibetan Mastiffs until she was 15 months old. After my contract was breached by Timberline Tibetan Mastiffs for merely speaking with a breeder he didn't like; she was re homed to the same breeder that had "Nano". Last I heard she died at five years of age. I do not have any idea what happened to her, only that two dogs that breeder got that were mine at some point are now dead.

The show breeders hate the breeder of one of my dogs because that breeder is on to the AKC and it's corruption yet are very happy to get his lines through "the back door". They accuse this breeder of breeding too many pups, or breeding unhealthy dogs, when from what I can see, the show breeders breed just as many if not more through their co-owned dogs. With so much money in dogs, i.e. handlers, travel, show fees, etc.; it seems that shady things happen. FOLLOW THE mONEY! Anyway, the AKC is very powerful and has fined and suspended them because of lies told about them. AKC has registered litters to my friend's stud dog without their signature of approval. They actually fined and suspended them shortly after they refused to sign the papers.

I am not in it for the money. AKC show breeders will attack those who do not "conform" to their corrupt organization. Based on all my experiences with them I have come to the conclusion that it is all about the money and not the dogs. The dogs are just a way for them to get recognition and make money. These opinions were formed because of their abusive actions and treatment of people they consider a threat.

I have seen how they "gang up" on people who do not agree with them. One minute they are enemies and the next they are best friends; as long as they have a target in their sight. Most of the time the target is someone selling better dogs at a lower price because they don't have the "overhead" of showing. The fact that people remain friends with people knowing about what happened to some dogs makes them no better in my opinion. Silence is just as bad; and in the world of TMs, the silence seems to be deafening unfortunately for some dogs. Based on what I have seen I am of the opinon that people who do not show care about the breed and the dogs far more than any show person.


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