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Quote: "We asked Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States: "If I'm looking to buy a dog and I see it has been AKC-inspected, AKC-registered, does that mean I'm getting a good dog?"

"Absolutely not. It really is just a piece of paper without any value for dog welfare," Pacelle told us." UNQUOTE


I have noticed that the two clubs formed to promote "standards" for the Tibetan Mastiff are very selective of who they admit. Someone I know recently tried to join a newly formed club called the TIBETAN MASTIFFS CULB OF AMERICA? and the "public group" changed to "closed" once the request to join was sent. This is also true of a TM rare breed club. From what I understand they require two sponsers that are members of the club to join. This is so much like high school and in my opinion just an "exclusive" club that will not allow anybody in the club unless they agree with them. All these experiences with the AKC and it's members remind me of Washington; full of corruption, exclusitivity, and hand greasing!. It is never about what the club or organization is about, never about the betterment of what it is they represent; rather, only about a certain group of people getting ahead while destroying all their competition and people who get in their way. It never matters what they say, or do to others; as long as they are in "control". Their dogs are not worth it to me. If you have to "squash" somebody to get ahead, what do you have in the first place? Yes, they gather all their members and set out to tell lies about others in order to "knock out" the competition, keep the prices up, and retain control. It's no different than segregation years ago when you had country clubs who only "allowed" certain groups admission. Sad but it is alive in the Tibetan Mastiff community today and it is all about money and control based on what I have experienced. The one thing I have seen is that all the people that have deceived me have all bred litters; something that I have not done yet. While I was helping watch puppies for a breeder's family who tragically died; most of these people had gotten his breeding stock and did not care what happened to the pups. While they have been busy breeding away, I have sat back and watched the ugliness. I have learned that you cannot trust high volume breeders because they are more concerned with sales and status. You learn they "put on a very good act". I just wish I had the means and the knowledge because I would have done things so much differently. The liberals in charge of these clubs preach "tolerance" when in reality; they are the most "discriminatory" of all!. Again, I must reiterate that people these people are all about "control". When you have experienced their lies, and nasty behavior, like I have; it is crystal clear that they are not about the welfare of the dogs! So you can believe whatever you want but actions speak far more than words to me and they have all "revealed" their "true colors" and intentions to me.

As the saying goes "those in glass houses should not throw stones". The funny thing is these show people are so bent on "getting' non-show breeders; they will stoop to the lowest of means to attack them. Some of the lies they spread about non-show breeders are so rididulous I wonder how they can take the people who make them up serious. I have met a few "nut jobs" and the most amazing thing is that the people who are supposed to be professionals actually believe them. Sight unseen. Oh well, I guess they can relate to one another and discuss meds and dogs. :) What does this say about the AKC and it's show breeders in my mind? Not much based on my direct experiences. Not much at all. Don't be taken by their marketing tools. A AKC "champion" is not a better dog,in my opinion, it is only a dog with a very wealthy owner and a well known handler based on my experiences. Just look at the dog and you will see. BUYER BEWARE!


Based on my experiences with the longest standing AKC show breeders/judges; longevity is no different in dog breeding "business" as it is in Washington. Breeders who have made their living in the AKC show ring for years and years have learned "all the ropes" and anybody who threatens their "dog business" is seen as a threat. Back to the top of this page: are you getting a better dog from an AKC breeder? Based on what I have experienced "absolutely not"! AKC makes it's money off these dogs and anybody they are just as bad as the breeders they give their "so-called breeder of merit status". Breeder of merit? hmm? Or is it based on the breeder who can drum up more registrations, etc. I know my my experience co-owning a dog here bred by a long time California breeder / judge was the biggest mistake I ever made! And now they are trying to form clubs to control other clubs. The whole purpose to me of them doing that is to trash any non-show small time breeder whom they feel is threatening their dog selling "livelihood".


RENT 'BEST IN SHOW"; IT REALLY DOES PORTRAY THE MOST RIDICULOUS CHARACTERISTICS OF "AKC" SHOW PEOPLE, BUT UNFORTUNATELY IT DOES NOT SHOW THE NASTY EVIL DARK SIDE :( Finally, ask them to open their social media pages to you, (not their kennel page; their personal page) after all; employers do. It says alot about their ethics, and beliefs. They can tell you anything so you will buy a puppy from them; but how do you know what they are really like?

I have asked AKC to remove my dogs from their registry to avoid fraudulent registrations, pedigrees, and their risk of being stolen. The AKC has refused so the only choice is to spay and neuter all my AKC registered dogs. THE AKC IS LIKE THE HOTEL CALIFORNIA - as described by this quote from a famous song: quote "YOU CAN CHECK OUT ANY TIME YOU WANT BUT YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE" Unquote. I DON'T KNOW OF ANYTHiNG MORE CORRUPT EXCEPT WASHINGTON D.C.!

AKC and their corporate puppy mills. Be very wary of AKC show breeders who require you to breed your puppy in exchange for one or two puppies back. This is what was expected of me with my formerly co-owned girl bred by a large volume breeder in CA. My worst experiences with Tibetan Mastiffs began early with the ownership of my girls from "High Volume" breeders in CA and one in Wi. Big and long time breeders / AKC judges will make deals like this with unsuspecting individuals to hide all the litters they are actually having each year. Many of these breeders have several breeds and breed 3,4. and 5 litters a year as their soul income. These are what I refer to as "AKC corporate puppy mills". Based on my personal experiences; I believe they are breeding for the show ring and not for the health and welfare of the breed. Ask them how many co-owned dogs they have? How many litters between them and their co-owners? How old are the dogs in their possession? How many dogs have died in their possession, at what ages and what was the cause of death? Ask to speak to their vet? (after all, they ask you a lot of questions and you deserve to know about them) How many adult dogs have they placed and do they know their status? How many litters have they produced over the years? Do they breed dogs for a living? Personally, again, based on my own experiences, I would never support an AKC show breeder.


I saw results from a dog that had failed it's health tests on OFA. Once the results were posted (after the dog was two years old) they were changed? How does this happen? According to the OFA, the x-rays are read by three professionals. If the positioning of a dog was not correct; it seems to me that one out of three "professionals" might have noticed it and sent them back to be redone???


When a breeder brings enough of their own dogs to a show where they know there is no competition to make their own major and get a championship for their dog. SCAM! DON'T BELIEVE THEIR MARKETING TOOLS! FOLLOW THE AKC MONEY TRAIL.


This is when a dog goes for months on end to shows all over the country. Does't matter if there is any competition because the purpose is for judges all over the country to "get an eye" on the dog and it's "well connected" handler. That way, when Eukanuba or Westminster comes up; the judges will recognize the handler and most likely that dog will win. It's all about following the money!

How many Tibetan Mastiffs total have they beaten? When you think about how many Tibetan Mastiffs there are in the country, I am thinking it is probably a very small number.


We are located approximately 40 minutes southwest of Denver, Colorado in the foothills. We are a small family kennel and all of our dogs are part of our day to day family life. Each dog has their own personality and we understand that this breed is very intelligent and has a mind all it's own.
Tibetan Mastiffs


You may ask yourself, is a tibetan mastiff right for me? This is a very unique breed and their are many plus and minuses to owning one. You should consider all their characteristics before deciding on bringing a tibetan mastiff into your home. It is a 10-15 year comittment

Breeders who are judges? Could politics play a huge part in the AKC? CHAMPIONSHIPSHIPS AND POLITICS. Based on my experiences I believe it is all about the money and those who make it happen. I have seen images that have been photoshopped of Tibetan Mastiffs where the original photo looks nothing like the "enhanced" one. Some show people will do anything to sell their dogs by means of deception. Don't fall for the decptive "show crowd" who are only interested in "peddling their dogs" any way they can.


Most people cannot have just one :)

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