in an akc breeder's own words

QUOTE "I don't know xxxx, people always want a sale, a good deal, at the bargain price! Some people I know have spent $50,000.00 per year (for 2 or 3 years) on showing their dog. That stud dog is not available to anyone but the best bitches. He may sire only 3-5 litters in his lifetime. You do the math 5 litters by 8 puppies = 40 puppies breeder keeps 2 out of each litter, so 30 puppies into $150,000.00 = $5000.00 per puppy. So the top AKC breeders give their puppies away at the bargain price of $5000.00! Yet the $500.00 puppy buyers swarm you with calls yet never put their money where there mouth is! Yes puppy mills abound because the very people complaining buy from them! " UNQUOTE